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Athletes Marketing & Endorsements

Our athletes are our own ambassadors and definitely members of the UPGR8 family! We are here to make sure that we build on their image rights’ profile and present to the world the best of them while safeguarding their personality traits and unique character. We will provide advice on social media handling, secure valuable partnerships with brands, ensure their commercial representation for marketing purposes and put together a list of activities which both serve the sponsor as well as represent the image of the athlete.  Athletes are unique, talented individuals and as such we aim to portrait them. 
Intellectual Property campaigns are incredibly individual and unique to every brand and athlete. They allow a firm to market beyond its conventional boundaries, enhancing emotional connectivity and creating a deep affinity with their target audience. The use of an athlete’s image rights can be available through all communication channels – TV, Radio, Online, Mobile, Print, Outdoor, POS, Public Relations, Social Media.
Nowadays, brand ambassadors are a fundamental part of the marketing mix and an integrated ambassador campaign is a versatile tool to support brand growth. The role of the brand ambassador is to transcend all aspects of the brand – sharing the same morals and principles, style and appeal.
UPGR8 is here to match the right athlete for your brand, objectives and campaigns, ensuring planning, budgeting and monitoring of the entire campaign. We will provide a plan of creative content for the athlete’s endorsement and work either in conjunction with your in-house marketing and communication team to see through its effective implementation. 

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